Saturday, November 14, 2009

Miley cyrus nude. S e x y stuff.

Miley cyrus nude. Some Pictures:

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Why so many people Hate Miley Cyrus? Im not a huge fan, but I do not hate her either, Shes just us, a human being. I know she took these pictures but what about Vanessa Anne Hudgens? Miley Was Not Nude. Yes I was in a strip bar, but why should you care? Live Your Life, Stop worrying about what Shes Doing. Also I was watching the party in the Vine USA. In Youtube, so many hate it. She is what we try to do is Get Another crowds attention. Like the 16-21 Year Olds eyes. Shes Making a career change like When we are young girls / boys are going through Purberty and girls get hair on his chin and deeper voices and girls get breasts and hips. Real question is why do you hate? Oh, and if your a two faced immature brat *****, the X is waiting at the top of the screen, thanks;)
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